Project Rescue Service

Have you had enough?

No shows, delays, poor performance, communication breakdowns? As individual challenges, each has the potential to seriously threaten a project's success. Combined they can quickly spell disaster. An expensive disaster. 

Our project rescue service, designed especially for property developers, public utilities and private companies offers fast and highly-effective resolutions to salvage failing projects.

Are you staring down the barrel? Maybe your main contractor has gone bust or there are rumours of imminent collapse and you need to pre-empt trouble.

Then know this…

We’ve turned around work that has been three weeks behind schedule… in JUST four days.


We’re resource-rich and can quickly deploy our own staff and our own in-house expertise straight to your problem. Whether that means working round the clock, directing more resources at the job or even suggesting a creative new design solution, we’ll make sure that you finish your project before it finishes you.

To find out more about our project rescue service, call us now on 0161 877 6200 and we’ll tell you exactly what we can do to help.

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Take a look at how we refurbished Bentley Motor’s main reception, boutique and meeting rooms at its main UK production site in Crewe.

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