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Space is money. Best use it wisely.

Are you struggling with space? Maybe you’re expanding, consolidating or looking to streamline. Perhaps you’d just like a little advice.

If it’s a question of space efficiency – we’ll have the answer.

Not long ago we had a client that was looking to expand. On the eve of signing a five-year lease (at £20,000 a year) for an additional floor of its rented office block, our contact asked us for some last-minute space planning advice, just to make sure that committing to the new lease was the right thing to do. In this case it wasn’t. The client already had ample room, but it was not being used efficiently. We quickly identified that planning a new layout would open up the opportunity to put the existing space to better use. This ensured that the potentially costly mistake of signing a lease for additional space that was not needed was avoided.  

The result? A £100,000 saving along with the many benefits that having all staff working on a single level brings.

It works the other way too. We’ve helped many clients who want to streamline or consolidate. Effective space planning has made room for the arrival of staff from other sites and with it brought substantial savings. You’re the client; it’s your interests that we’re here to protect.

And it isn’t just creative space planning that we deliver either. We’ll handle all the regulations, the guidelines and guarantee that all building control application submissions and inspections are done properly.   

Whether as part of a design and build package or as a stand-alone service, we’ll make sure that you make the very most of every square metre you’re paying for.


Everyone loves a sparkling new office. Not only does a newly-designed interior look great, it feels great too.

Perhaps even more importantly, a new look helps define and differentiate your organisation. Who wouldn’t want to impress clients and visitors with a drop-dead gorgeous workplace?

We’ve helped numerous organisations sharpen their image and boost morale with fresh, creative interior design. We can do the same for you. Whether part of a design and build package or as a stand-alone interior design service, we have the world’s best interior brands ready and waiting to spruce up your workplace. 

From brain storming ideas to concept drawings, through to complete fit-outs and refurbishments… we’ve got it covered.


Considering options? Looking for some experienced insight to help you plan? Talk to us. Whether you’re thinking about relocation, future growth, making better use of existing space or maybe want to compare potential sites, we’d love to lend our considerable experience and expertise. It’s perfectly feasible that a feasibility study could save you a small fortune.

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