Lucchini UK

rischegroup was selected to complete a redesign of Lucchini’s Manchester head office to provide additional space to accommodate its growing team as well as incorporate brand new workspaces to suit particular roles.

Lucchini is a subsidiary of the Lucchini RS Group who is located in northern Italy and the Manchester site was the first plant in the world solely laid out for the mass production of wheels and axles. Over the last decade, Lucchini UK has grown significantly and the space in its existing premises needed to be utilised in a more effective way to accommodate this growth.

The redesign provided an exciting challenge for the rischegroup team as Lucchini wanted to completely overhaul its current office set up. As the space was mixed-use for both office workers and engineers, there needed to be specific areas dedicated to these specific roles. Lucchini also wanted a reception area, which they didn’t have previously, to provide a warmer welcome for its staff and visitors to the office.

The Lucchini branding played an important part which reflected the brand’s personality reflected in fun wall decals, including trees, a subway escalator and even the evolution of man!

One of the areas that took the most care and attention was the installation of the mezzanine floor to house additional staff Lucchini had employed after a period of significant growth. The team of rischegroup installation professionals worked around the clock to make sure the project was completed on time and within the set budget.

We impressed the team at Lucchini so much with our hard work and the quality of the finished product that we were commissioned for additional follow-up work when they needed it.

BIM Level 2

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