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Why Office Fit-Out After Care Is So Important

For any business, an office fit-out can be a big project. The work can often cause disruption to daily office life and, depending on your contractor, delays occasionally occur and budgets are stretched. If a business owner has had an experience such as this, reaching the end of a project can feel like completing a marathon and the resulting elation often oversteps any consideration of what comes next.

But what happens if something goes wrong after completion? It may be small-scale adjustments, such as replacing a broken light fixture, but sometimes large-scale problems need correcting. Office fit-out after care and follow-up work are integral parts of the fit-out process but shockingly many contractors don’t end up fulfilling this duty, refusing to return to a project after it is complete.

Here’s why office fit-out after care is so important:


Any reputable service provider, in any industry, will offer exceptional after-care. Why? Because it demonstrates a commitment to the customer that a high-quality service will continue to be provided, even after a completion. Besides, a contractor who is reluctant to carry out any after-care work will miss out on a future working relationship with a particular client.


Every good office fit-out contractor should provide their client with a guarantee of all work completed, normally running for up to twelve months from when a project is complete. This is sometimes known as the retention period or defect liability period, but what we refer to as after care. This after care period covers a client for any new fixtures they might need, or for any problems that arise. For a client, having the peace of mind in knowing that they can depend on their contractors to deal with these issues, at no extra cost, is invaluable.

Seamless Process

A dedicated contractor who provides a high-quality after care service will help a business seamlessly transition into their new working environment. Dealing with after care issues can be stressful if you’re not supported by a committed contractor and, as a result, are forced to scramble around to find a solution. Provision of good after care will ensure that these problems are ironed out quickly and efficiently.

When choosing your office fit-out partner it’s important to choose a contractor who can provide a high-quality after care service. Consider asking these questions to make sure you find the right contractor to carry out your office fit-out:

  • Can you provide references?
  • How long have you been established?
  • What after care guarantee do you offer?
  • Are you able to provide a project timeline?
  • How will you be communicating with me?
  • Are your staff directly employed or outsourced?

For more information about Rische’s after care solutions, or to find out more about our office design projects, get in touch with our team on 0161 877 6200 or email info@rischegroup.co.uk.

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