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When Is It Time To Use Project Rescue Services?

As anyone who has ever been involved in an office fit-out can attest, the level of planning involved can be substantial. There are so many factors to consider once a refurbishment has been approved, from the size of the budget to the selection of a suitable contractor to carry out the work.

You also need to plan in a contingency in case things go wrong. If something untoward should occur during the project, or extra work is needed post-completion, the selection of the contractor becomes an even more important decision to get right.

The levels of aftercare offered can vary substantially from company to company but, in general terms, most office builds and refurbishments are covered for a period of 12 months after initial completion. This usually covers the replacement of any fixtures and fittings included in the original work.

Project Rescue Services

There is a subtle but nevertheless important difference between office renovation aftercare and follow-up work. While aftercare simply covers work included in the original project, follow-up encompasses any additions which may be required. This could be the addition of extra furniture or even the repainting of certain areas in a different colour. It is in these instances that a project can sometimes go wrong.

As a contractor is not obliged to come back after a project has been completed in order to undertake follow-up work, many will not do so. In many cases, this is simply due to cost as some re-fit companies will state that they do not make enough money on small scale follow-up work.

Going Above and Beyond

At Rische, we strive to build a strong relationship with every one of our clients. We are fully resourced to take on both large and smaller scale projects which are in danger of going drastically wrong. For example, we helped a client whose premises had been left in a dreadful state due to the incorrect, poorly managed fitting of a stretch ceiling by another contractor.

Taking on a project that was teetering on the edge of disaster, we successfully completed the job in a short space of time and to the highest standard. This proves we are not just on-hand while a project is in progress and are happy to help after the work is done too.

When selecting a company to partner with on a refurbishment or relocation project, you need to make sure you do your research and even try to speak to past clients. This will give you an idea of whether they will be willing to go the extra mile if required.

If you would like some advice on an upcoming workplace change, drop our team a line on 0161 877 6200 or emailinfo@rischegroup.co.uk.

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