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rischeBARRISOL: How it Can Improve the Retail Shopping Experience

Many of you will already be aware of the wide variety of uses rischeBARRISOL has in the commercial and public sectors. It’s a favoured material of renowned architects such as Zaha Hadid and can be seen in a number of remarkable installations around the world. However, did you know it also has applications in a retail environment? We look at how it can transform the shopping experience for your customers.

Create individualism

Much has been made of the homogenisation of the retail environment today – detractors complain that our high streets look much the same as each other and that the interior of shops lack character and inhibit creativity within the retail space.

rischeBARRISOL offers interior designers and retail specialists the opportunity to inject some individualism back into store interiors with its combination of unique attributes.

What is rischeBARRISOL?

Because of its inimitable qualities rischeBARRISOL has limitless design possibilities, which means that the only limit is the designer’s imagination. It’s a lightweight, stretch PVC plastic material which can be used on ceilings and walls to create bespoke, free-standing structures which add impact to a store’s interior.

How can it be used?

  • Stretch rischeBARRISOL across ceilings to cover unsightly cables and housings or to lower the ceiling height for a more intimate space.
  • Install it on imperfect walls to create a smooth, seamless flow from one area of a store to another or to delineate defined spaces.
  • Cover an LED light installation with rischeBARRISOL for an inspiring and distinctive display of lighting effects that can be altered to enhance the mood or the suit the season.
  • Create an additional layer of sound control for spaces which are acoustically challenged to improve the ambiance of an interior.
  • Visually personalise rischeBARRISOL for your client’s specific needs – whether they require their logo or a more abstract image to create a flavour of their specialism.

The Advantages in Retail

The practical benefits of rischeBARRISOL are numerous. It is extremely easy to install, meaning that installation time is reduced and retail time is increased. It’s a completely bespoke product which means that it can be tailored to your clients’ precise needs. Once installed, maintenance is minimal and because it’s made of smooth, easy-to-clean PVC it’s incredibly easy to maintain, making it ideal for environments where health & safety is paramount.

However, it’s on the creative side of retail interior design that rischeBARRISOL comes into its own. Available in a full spectrum of colours and printed designs it also comes in a variety of thicknesses from virtually transparent to opaque. This means that when it’s back-lit, limitless design opportunities present themselves, from the store’s logo to an ever-changing display of the products; from tempting offers to abstract designs to put customers in the right frame of mind for spending.

You can read more about some of the rischeBARRISOL projects we’ve worked on in the case study section of our website. If you’d like more information about how this unique material can transform any retail environment please contact us for a personal consultation.


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