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Office Space Planning? Why A Stretch Ceiling Could Be Your Solution

When undertaking an office refit or relocation, the phrase ‘stretch ceiling’ doesn’t normally enter many business owners’ minds. As a design material, stretch ceilings can create avant-garde, experimental structures that are visually dynamic. However this shouldn’t deter businesses, as many might be thinking their office isn’t cutting-edge enough for a stretch ceiling, as the material is in fact extremely versatile.

Here’s why you should consider installing a stretch ceiling in your office-design project:

Low Maintenance

Stretch ceilings are incredibly easy to maintain and won’t need to be constantly repainted like a traditional ceiling. The unique PVC membrane doesn’t attract dust, so not only will the air quality of a room be much improved it will be a lot cleaner too. But if you ever do want to clean above the ceiling, or the material itself, the ceiling’s framework is simple to remove and reassemble. On top of this, a stretch ceiling is very economical and has proved itself as an interesting design element for office refits working to a tight budget.


Perhaps the greatest benefit of installing a stretch ceiling is the fact that it can become whatever you want it to be; the lightweight material can be stretched into any shape, allowing designers complete creative freedom. Each stretch ceiling is unique and can be designed in any colour, shape, finish and transparency. A stretch ceiling could also be designed with the scheme of any brand colours, which is an interesting way of creating a sense of brand identity within the office.

Improving Light And Sound Quality

It’s well documented that certain aspects of the working environment, such as noise and light, have a direct impact on employee productivity. With a stretch ceiling, lighting effects can be installed to ensure the light quality of a room is fully optimised. A stretch ceiling also absorbs sound, so will displace unwanted noises and improve the acoustic properties of any room – ideal for noisy offices!

If you’re looking for an innovative design solution that will enhance any office design, a stretch ceiling could be the solution. Easily incorporated into any space planning project, a stretch ceiling can transform any space into an effective working environment.

For more information about stretch ceilings, or to find out more about office design solutions, get in touch with the Rische Group team on 0161 877 6200 or email info@rischegroup.co.uk.

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